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Cryosis Raiding Rules Empty Cryosis Raiding Rules

Post  Del on Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:14 pm

Attention Cryosis raiders. For us to progress into our 25 man content smoothly we are going to need to implement raiding guidelines, rules if you will.

A concise break down of what <Cryosis> requires in order to increase a raid’s chance of success and make things run smoother.

Be on time. Since we have limited time for runs. it is important that we start on time. Please be ready for an invite 30 minutes before we start, better yet be in the instance. If you know you are going to be late, notify an officer or note so on the in-game calendar or a mail. Priority goes to those who are on time. If the raid is full, standby priority goes to those who have noted they will be late.

If you cant make a raid and you signed up tell someone in advance,

Be Prepared. Make sure you have the proper amount of bandages, reagents, and potions for your class. If you are unprepared, the raid will not be what it should be. Do not expect people to loan you such items. You may ask nicely if you run out mid raid. But it will be disruptive to the raid. You are also expected to repair prior to each raid start. Raid food and a flask are required.

Be attentive. Pay attention to the instructions of the raid leaders and class leaders. Please make sure you have Ventrilo installed; you do not need the be able to speak through Ventrilo. If you are attentive, you will help the raid be more successful.

Buffing. Buffing will occur on this schedule - 5 minutes before first pull, after any wipe, before boss fights; those who are late on first pull will have to do without buffs until there is time.

After a wipe always, ALWAYS, stand by the entrance to the area so that we can rebuff. We will not chase after you, don’t make the healers lives difficult. (Yes even if you didn’t die and already have the buffs) The raid leader will announce when you can move to your positions. On trash run in, on a boss stay down until told.

Voice Chat. You must be able to at least listen on the Guild Vent server (Yes this is so important I listed it twice). Communication is vital in co-ordinating raids and having to type commands while trying to perform a raid function can cause a wipe.

Addons. You must have all required addons installed and configured prior to raiding. This means Deadly boss mods and Omen. Required addons are subject to change at the GM's discretion.

Issues. Any issues with player conduct, loot distribution etc. can be addressed with an officer after the raid.

Boss Encounters. We all know that no plan survives contact with the battlefield. However, raid strategies are posted for everyone's convenience, with special emphasis on upcoming new encounters. Everyone should try to have a basic idea of what each encounter would be like before raiding.

Raid Specs/gear. Your character's spec needs to be optimal for raid output and buffing the raid. The gear your wearing needs to be appropriate to enter a 25 man. If it's not we will ask you to continue running 10 mans and heroics.

Always obey the Raid Leader’s instructions even if you disagree, doing your own thing can cause confusion and will often lead to a wipe. If you have an issue, see the Issues section.

I have a vision for us as a guild. I always have what's best in mind for us, even if you don't think so. I ask that you trust me and follow my vision.

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