Get ready for ulduar !!!

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Get ready for ulduar !!! Empty Get ready for ulduar !!!

Post  kellerroy on Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:42 pm

I would like to form 10 man group to run eoe and naxx 10 achevement team to get ready for ulduar. Gear lvl over 1900 wich we have 23 people in the guild with that lvl of gear.
Even if u do NOT need anyting from 10 man naxx or 10 man eoe if anyone would like to be a part of 10 man ulduar team shuld let me know and work towards geting ready for it. I also would like to see 1 other person to stepup and lead second 10 man team for latenight or just weekend runs to get thair team ready for 10 man ulduar. if u like to be a part of 10 man team to ulduar please let me know as soosn as you can and if u like to form 10 man latenight or weekend group also let me know so i can help you with it.

We curently runing 10 man naxx thruout this week again to get gear for members, pls be there to get some gear and helpout others. even if u don't need gear, others need your help to get gear. NO ONE PERSON IN THIS GUILD STRONGER THEN REST OF US COMBINED. Try to help eachother to go forward as a guild.

Most people online in our guild at 2pm server -8pm server if u would like to run heroics or raids (10 man) in this time frame let people know and most likely you will form a run easy. If u dont like puging for heroics we have heals and tanks and mostly dps is ready to run what ever within those times. Just say it in guild chat and form it.

One last thing. We are not inviting people to guild under lvl of 75. ( unless person is real life friend to one of our members) we curently need : 2 resto shammy 2 elemental shammy 1 shadow priest 2 holy priest 2 holy paladin 2 dps warrior 2 combat rogue 2 feral druid 1 frost mage 2 ret paladin. 2 ef warlocks and 1 frost DK WE DO NOT NEED any warrior and palain tanks, resto druids or blood dk's we have 4 of each and wer good.


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